Taste of LA in Tacoma

Las Cafeteras brought me a much needed taste of Los Angeles with a free show for students in Washington


Avengers: Infinity War Footage Analysis


If the internet was not already constantly reminding you- Marvel Studios gave D23 audiences an incredible first look at Avengers: Infinity War this past Saturday. Only those who were present at the live action Disney films panel got to see this footage. I was lucky enough to get in and get a good spot in the hall for this presentation. I have been present for a handful of Marvel Studios events at conventions and such (e.g. Hall H at Comic-Con), but this event definitely created the most cheers and screams from the audience. You can probably guess why if you have read online descriptions of the footage. Since the moment the presentation ended, this footage is what has been mostly occupying my mind. You do not need me to write about how amazing and epic the footage was because so many others have done so already. I understand the demand…

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